Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We made it to the halfway point!

Wednesdays are long days for me. Not that they are bad, just long. Today was a very good Wednesday, though. I got to go to lunch with a friend, which was so fun. I really needed to get out and have a social time with another girl. I haven't had much "girl friend" time in the past few years... Church was also pretty good- I made a bracelet that I gave to another friend of mine because it was too small for my wrist. :-)

I planned to eat:

B: WW toast with 1 tbsp PB and a drizzle of honey
S: Almonds or Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cookie
L: Panera's Turkey Sandwich on Whole Grain with Classic Cafe Salad (the half portions)
S: Apple/Banana
D: Church Dinner of Baked Ziti, Caesar Salad, and strawberries for desert

I ate:

B: WW toast with 1 tbsp PB and a drizzle of honey
S: 2 Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies
L: Panera's new Vegetable Pesto Soup with Classic Cafe Salad and multigrain baguette (the half portions)
S: 2 more Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies
D: Church Dinner of Baked Ziti (meatless, very little cheese, thankfully), Caesar Salad (I got a bunch of Romaine and put the separate Newman's Own Light dressing and a sprinkle of Parm instead of the premixed super drenched salad, which is delish, but bad for me!), strawberries, and a small piece of cake

Also... four giant smarties (50 calories total... no big). Haha.

All in all, not so bad... other than the four cookies... BUT at least if I'm going to be eating cookies, I'm eating healthier ones with good protien, no refined sugars, and dark chocolate. I mean, how bad can they be for me? You saw the ingredients! :-)

Well, tomorrow's fare is Clean Eating Magazine's Beef and Broccoli Orange Stir Fry. I already cooked the steak because it was Sell By yesterday. :-) I also chopped my onion. I tried to get my red pepper, orange, and broccoli tonight, but Tom Leonard's was closed. :-( I love that place; it is wonderful. Well, DH is almost done studying for his Actuarial Exam, so soon we can watch Idol Gives Back and figure out who is going home tonight. I really wish we'd not gotten sucked into this show, especially this season... Most of them just aren't worth watching! Sorry! We like Crystal (along with everyone else), Big Mike, and Casey. Aaron and Tim are cute, but need to go home (though I am impressed with Tim's progress). Siobhan is getting on my nerves. Lee is terrible. Why do people like him? He can't actually sing, just scream/sing. His actual singing is all over the place pitch-wise. Ugh. I'll stop now. I know some of you are Lee fans... just not us.

Anyhoo... I'm out. Y'all have a great night!

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