Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

Thursday night (not technically the weekend, but I have to share) we had Clean Eating Mag's Meatball Subs. SO GOOD. I had never made meatballs before, so that was fun! I will definitely make these again!

On Friday, we looked at five different houses. The first one we fell in love with. The rest were scary. At house number three, we stepped into the backyard, where the family had a 5 foot high pile of bagged salt, 6 inch ruts throughout the backyard, and... Satan's dog. I kid you not, we were walking back there, and DH turned around and said "There's a dog!" Remember Hercules from The Sandlot? Yeah... this dog reminded us of him. It was HUGE. I swear its eyes were red. Okay, maybe not. All three of us booked it inside. We then investigated a small closet and found the "Beware of Dog" sign. Thanks for the warning, guys. House number five was a whole new experience. It was a foreclosure and someone had broken the glass on the front storm door, so we had to go around back to an already UNLOCKED door (and there was a car out front). We walked in, decided that there was no one there, went up some stairs, and I saw animal feces, bugs, dirt, and a sticker on the microwave that said "GENTLEMEN." It was at this time that I made the executive decision to high-tail it out of there. However, we really want the first house. It's gorgeous. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. We then proceeded to have Cici's Pizza for dinner. Yum.

DH and I went yard saling on Saturday morning. Not a whole lot of exciting finds... We got:

-Fools Rush In on DVD for $2
-Muppet Treasure Island on DVD for $3
-Lots of books, including: The Shack, Redeeming Love, The Kite Runner, Me Talk Pretty One Day, and Into the Wild for 50 cents each
-A set of three mini framed mirrors that match our African Savannah theme of our living room for $1
-Two Krispy Kreme doughnuts for $1 (we were hungry!)

DH had a wedding shoot in Charlottesville Saturday afternoon and evening, so he was gone at 12.30, but for lunch... oh man, lunch. We had Clean Eating Magazine's Country Fried Steak with Mushroom Gravy and steamed broccoli. It was sooooo good. It doesn't compare to Texas Roadhouse's battered and deep fried monstrosity, but still... it was good. The gravy was AH-mazing. I then went decor shopping. It was technically an accident that I spent $50 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond... but I still did it.

Saturday evening I babysat for some friends from church. It was a blast. Their kids are sooo fun and they have two of the cutest, sweetest dogs ever. One's a TEENY Chihuahua named Quinn and the other is a Dalmation named Beautiful. DH and I both got home around 12.

Sunday was church, Cici's Pizza (again), shopping (I wanted more plates and placemats because our table seats 6, but I only bought for four), cleaning, youth group, and then Applebee's with our friends Kim and Aaron. Don't worry, I was good at both restaurants. At Applebee's I had this Chicken Portobello sandwich on a wheat bun with dijon mustard. It comes with marinara, but I decided I'd rather have dijon mustard. It was sooo good. I got it with a side of steamed red potatoes. I got like three, but they were yummy. :-)

Today is a laid-back off day. I tried to grab an art subbing job, but to no avail. I've done a few fun things today and will post the cooking pics at the end of the day. :-) See you later!

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