Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Somewhat productive day...

Goal check in:
Grocery Shop: CHECK
Clean Kitchen: I did clean out the fridge and organize the dirty dishes in the sink... (next to the sink).
Get Apps ready: I called the Ed dept... no answer... left message. Goodness knows if I will hear back. I did however, do a onceover on all my apps to make sure everything was in place. There are a few things I have yet to do, but I should be able to send them out soon if LU ever calls me back. Sigh.

I did pretty well today.

Breakfast was Life Cereal... not the best, but not the worst... not like my recent OD on Capt'n Crunch!
Lunch was leftover Italian Casserole (extra-lean ground turkey, elbow macaroni, red/green peppers, onions, italian dressing, spices and herbs).
Dinner was a ginormous steak (yum) with sauteed mushrooms and a nice salad of romaine and mushrooms with a dressing I made of 1/2 tbsp EVOO (or was it tsp?), some balsamic and some cherry vinegar, lime juice, and black pepper. It was zesty and tasty.
I was able to exercise restraint and only eat 6 Cadbury Mini Eggs. That's half a serving.
My downfall: leftover Chex Mix stuff (you know, the kind with the peanut butter and chocolate melted all over and then enrobed in delish powdered sugar? Tee hee. It's so yummy. And yes, it is left over from Christmas. Shut up.

I'm currently hanging out with my mom in Charlottesville. She just got back from visiting my brother, SIL, and beautiful baby niece in TX and I HAD to see pictures ASAP! My dad just got back from a cruise in the Mediterranean, so I'm sure there will be a breathtaking slideshow in my future as well! :-) Have a great night!

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