Thursday, April 22, 2010

TV night!

Good afternoon blog-followers! :-) Tonight is Bones, The Office, and Pwoject Wunway (FINALE!). We usually DVR shows from other nights (Idol, LOST) and watch them without the commercials, but Thursdays at 8 we plop down in front of the TV and watch our little hearts out, lazy bums that we are.

Today, I subbed for a strings teacher at one of the county high schools. I alway sub for her and I always hate this one class I had today. They just are so... obnoxious. No one listens. No one does what they should. She told me she has this problem too, but man, why can't kids just behave? I mean, I would think that an opportunity to do your HW in class would be lovely, because that means you DON'T have to do it at HOME. SCORE! But no, these kids didn't care! Oh well... Moving on...

Tonight's meal is going to be amazing. You will want to make this recipe. Unless of course... You don't eat meat. Or Chinese. Or it turns out that the meal sucks. Okay, so maybe you won't want to make it, but I can't wait to finish it. I've already prepped the marinade, steak, and veggies. Just gotta cook the soba noodles, cook up my veggies, heat up the meat, and mix it all together! :-) I can't wait! :-)

So far, the day's fare has consisted of:

B: WW toast w/ PB and honey, another cookie... :-)
L: Leftover chicken pasta
S1: another cookie... (noticing a trend?)
S2: A bit of a Tom Leonard's Wheat Baguette and some dark chocolate. Sorry, hormones make me want chocolate right now. :-)

Is it bad that I feel no guilt over eating cookies that consist of 1 cup Almond Butter, an egg, 1/2 cup Sucanat, baking powder, salt, and 2 oz 70% dark chocolate? I mean... it made 20 cookies. How bad can they be??? It's better than a Chips Ahoy for sure.

I have decided that there are two people inside of me.

This woman...

(If you don't know that's Paula Deen, you need to get out more.)

and this woman...

(Tosca Reno, author of The Eat Clean Diet)

I'm not really sure how to reconcile these two lovely ladies. Ha. I like my "two sticks of butter, y'all," but I'd also like a nice, flat stomach as well. Somehow, these two just don't seem to mix. Sigh...

DH should be home soon, then I'm going to coax him outside for a nice 3 mile walk (and hope he brought home the rest of the P90X DVDs) before dinner. I'm hoping that the rain yesterday washed the pollen away. I don't suffer from allergies, but DH does. Bad. I can always tell it's Spring because the snoring commences. :-)

I'll see you all soon for a recipe post!!

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  1. OMG...I love Paula Deen. Like love. I've been dying to eat at her restaurant in Savannah for years now. I really have no excuse, seeing as how we live 5 hours away. And the beef and broccoli lookes so good...I'm going to have to give that one a try!