Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A whirlwind of a weekend!

So I guess I owe a recap of the past 6 or so days... :-)

Friday: Subbed 3rd grade and it went very well. I like third grade because they are much more independent than the younger kids. I went to Food Lion for some milk and ran into... DH! He was getting me a card for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, FL failed in the card dept for both of us. When we got home, I made dinner immediately because we were both starving. It was 4.30 and we had WW pancakes and eggs. I went upstairs to change my clothes to go out and I found a suitcase on the bed with a note to pack for a night away... :-O Oh my! So I packed up quickly and we left for... Williamsburg!!! We went out shopping for the night at the outlets, went to the hotel around 9, then went to Cracker Barrel for a nightcap... meaning a kiddie meal hamburger for me and chicken fried steak for DH! :-) Love it!

Saturday: Great continental bfast at the hotel, then... SHOPPING!!! I got TEN tops at Banana for an AMAZING price because they  had an extra 60% off their CLEARANCE! And  no... I'm not the only one who got things! :-) We skipped lunch and went to an early dinner at Chili's because we had a gift card. They COMPLETELY messed up my order and gave me nothing for it. Boo Williamsburg Chili's. We then headed back to the outlets and I also got a KATE SPADE purse (okay...2) for... 80% OFF!!! Oh yes! :-)

Sunday: Church in the morning (finally a normal service schedule!), Chinese for lunch (Okay... So I ate TERRIBLY this weekend... but I made good choices for meals at all the restaurants, I promise!), three mile run, and then back to church for youth group.

Monday: I subbed Middle School English. The first class I had was primarily ESL, so it was challenging because all the different groups of languages sat together, so we had a lot of chatting problems. The second class was brilliant! Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come. My last class was ATROCIOUS. I saw a side of myself I'd never seen: the mean teacher. Oh. My. Gosh. I wanted to strangle them all! DH had the day off, so that made it even harder to have a bad day in my own content area. We ate a delicious late dinner of steak (love me some red meat!), steamed broccoli, and skillet potatoes (deeeelish!).

Today: I spent a lazy morning on my couch catching up on Grey's reruns and dreading my 4 mile run. FINALLY around 3.30, I got my butt outside. I recently stopped doing a maze-like run through the neighborhoods behind my townhouse and started running on the main road, which basically goes like this:
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ (hill after hill after hill!). I had the road that marked my half way turn around point in my mind, but I never saw it! I saw the ones I knew were close to it, but no such luck locating the road. I looked at my watch after a little while and decided based on the length of time that I had been running that I had already hit the halfway point, so I turned around at the nearest main road. Turns out... I ran 4.41 miles. That's almost half a mile too long!!! How cool is that! I only need about one and three quarter miles left to add on to get to 10k!!! :-) So happy! Tonight's dinner was WW rotini with tomato sauce, romaine lettuce with parmesan cheese and blackberry walnut dressing, and sourdough artisan bread. YUM. Now I'm watching more Grey's reruns until LOST!!! :-) Love that show soooo much, even if it leaves me so confused and so angry that each episode goes so quickly!

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