Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesdays are good days

I'm sorry for the lack of update last night... We went shopping and then the interenet went out.

My run yesterday was wonderful! 3 miles, 36 minutes. Slow and steady gets it done. My treadmill didn't have book clips, so I had to watch muted ESPN (my gym's TVs only show CNN and ESPN) while listening to my Zune. I can't believe I did three miles without something to read or something interesting to watch! I cannot WAIT until the ice is off the roads and I can run OUTSIDE again!! Unfortunately, it is freezing rain/snow/sleet/nastiness tonight, so looks like running outside will take a sideline for a little while longer! I'm getting a little nervous about 4 miles on Monday, but I think I can do it. I have a 2 miler tomorrow and then a 3 miler on Friday.

I subbed today for Kindergarten, and I am now quite convinced that I do not want to do Kindergarten. Short attention spans, tattle tales, dependent... haha. They were cute but oh my! I sub on Thursday for 3rd grade and I think I'll like that a lot. Friday is Middle School/High School Strings. Easy. I may sub on Monday for Middle School English because a teacher requested me! It's a hard decision though because DH and I had V-Day plans for Monday because he finally has a day off.
:-/ Difficult decisions!

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