Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow day!

DH didn't have to go to work today and I didn't have a subbing job (and the schools were closed), so we had a day for fun! We caught up on "Triple D" or Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives from the DVR. These episodes spawned a desire in me for a good grilled cheese, fancy diner style... which birthed...


I put about an ounce each of New Zealand Cheddar, Jarlesburg, Feta, and Smoked Gouda in there... and I had to put the Hawaiian Kettle Chips and pickles on to make it Diner-esque! SOOOO GOOD. Not low-cal, but WHO CARES sometimes!!

The husband of our neighbors who also moved here from Lynchburg with us works with DH (thus the move) and so they (he, his wife, and almost one year old son) came over for some Carcassone and Beatles Rock Band.

Well, we're off to a Mexican restaurant to meet up with some friends from church since there was no dinner/activities at church tonight. I've got some fun pictures to post as a surprise when I get back!! :-)

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