Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Look...

What do you think?! I think it's fancy. :-)
DH and I are watching the episodes of American Idol that I DVRed from this week. :-) It's such a sad thing that I have finally given in to this show after 9 seasons of not really watching... Oh well... It's Simon's last season... I guess I'd better watch this year. Haha. Thursday is our big T.V. night. Bones is on at 8, The Office at 9, 30 Rock at 9.30, and Pwoject Wunway (Project Runway) is on at 10... And of course I DVR Grey's. :-) That way DH doesn't HAVE to watch it... though he usually does. :-) The Mentalist is also on at 10, so that is also DVRed. I have about 5 to catch up on from this season, in addition to the first season I got on DVD for Christmas. The rest of the week is not quite as exciting T.V. wise... American Idol and LOST are the main grabbers... Desperate Housewives too, though I'm new to watching that, so I forget about it a lot. Haha. I wish I wasn't such a T.V. junkie sometimes... I promise I do other things! Like... um... um... Church! I go to church! ... I... WORK! ... When I can! And... Um... occasionally, I clean, cook, and run.

Speaking of running... I decided to push the three miler I was to do today to tomorrow because my knee was twinging a bit and my nose is a mucus factory at the moment. Sigh... I'm glad that I didn't push myself to go out today. I'll do the three miles tomorrow and it will be fantastic and then Sunday will be an actual 4 mile run... not 4.4 miles. Haha.

I am subbing for a High School Science teacher tomorrow morning, eating lunch at home, running, CLEANING, packing, and heading to Charlottesville with DH. My mother finally got a new TV (her old one is almost 30- yes 30- years old!) and had it delivered to DH's parent's house since she was going to be out of town for the delivery. So... long story not so short, we are all meeting up at my mom's tomorrow night, then DH and I will chill with his parents in town, then he and I will go over to my dad's house for the first annual family Olympics games... Think The Office Olympics that Jim and Pam orchestrated.
:-) It'll be fun!

I am extremely proud of myself for creating a meal tonight. DH told me that he felt that it felt like a recipe, not an experiment! He loved it and couldn't wait to have it for lunch tomorrow! :-) Neither can I, actually.

Hope you all have a lovely night and weekend (in case I don't write for a day or two!).

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