Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not just a fail...

an EPIC fail.

I have been eating those Valentine's conversation hearts all day. I also drank a Coke... and ate a mini Reese's, a mini Butterfinger, AND a mini Hershey's Special Dark. So... I said to myself, "Self, go for a run. No, you haven't hydrated today... No, you're not going to stretch properly. Just go."

Dumb idea.

I took 10 steps and my knee started screaming. I ran about a quarter mile, turned around on a side street so I could start walking and no one would see my fail. I ran a little more on the way home, but it just kept hurting. Remind me to ice. Remind me to stretch. Remind me to strengthen. Looks like I need to start doing Yoga on days off too- more stability exercises. I'm icing right now, yogaing in a few... then showering and getting ready for church.


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