Sunday, December 13, 2009

Toys for Tots 5k

Just finished my first 5k. Before going in, I told myself that if I had to walk, I had to walk. I also set three goals.

I walked and I didn't meet even the easiest goal.

I finished in 36 minutes and 27 seconds.

Things I've learned:

1. Don't run a 5k in pouring rain. Rain=evil saturation of all that I wear, which in turn=slower.

2. Don't wear the Adidas pants that I wore. They absorbed ALL the water and slowed me down a LOT. I took them off around 2.5 miles and ditched them (got them back after the race) by a sign. Wish I had never worn them and just worn my tights. Things were much easier.

3. Push harder. I am very disappointed that I walked, even thought I told myself it'd be okay if I did. I feel like I should have at least gotten in under 35 and I didn't.

It was also 37 degrees... OK if dry. Miserable if wet.

DH was there to photograph the event.

He has been trying to cheer me up ever since. He's very proud of me. I know I should be too. Two and a half months ago, I couldn't run 1 mile, much less three. I can run three, I just couldn't do it today. I know I should be proud that I did this at all.

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  1. Be proud of what you accomplish, and don't be disappointed by what you don't. That is only an opportunity to learn something new. You finished, a great thing in itself. You learned new things about gear and weather. If you set goals easily reached, what's the point? Same goes with goals that are impossible. You set a realistic goal, and did a great job, accomplishing a lot and also learning a lot. Don't be hard on yourself - Celebrate! <3 BTW - Tell Craig "Great pics!"