Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

It's our Anniversary! One year has passed so quickly! I got DH the new Norah Jones CD and inside were two tickets to see her in my hometown!
:-) He's a big fan of hers.

This is us at church this morning: (I wore my "getaway" outfit, my wedding jewelry, and my wedding shoes)

Dweeb Husband with head tilted forward, but awesome of me.

Good of DearH and pretty good of me.

My Present! (He actually did go to Jared... Haha)

I've been REALLY slacking in the exercising dept. this week. At least I did a little bit last night and I can feel it big time. I need to get back out running, but it snowed a foot here on Fri/Sat, so the roads aren't super. I'll probably start back up Tuesday. :-)

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