Sunday, November 8, 2009


Well, it's been a full, but good day.

1. I finished W6D3 of C25k. 2.35 miles in 25 minutes.
2. We had some friends over for lunch today, which was reallly fun. I made Ina's Pork Loin again, which I thought was delicious. :-)
3. I left my purse in DH's car, and he left for church before I did, so he had to come all the way home to bring me my keys. Oops.

Yesterday, I finished the first week of the HFNHC, gaining about 1000 points in the week. That felt good and I feel like I could be up in the lead, but who knows. :-) I'm trying to do a lot of the 1x/challenge tasks right away to boost the score and make sure I get those things done. :-)

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