Sunday, November 1, 2009

Health and Fitness Nestie Holiday Challenge

So... I'm doing a health and fitness challenge on The Nest (aka my online home), and you lovely people will get to read about it! Since it's day 1, there's not a lot to report, but for Daily Tasks, I am well on my way to completing 1. Drinking enough water 2. Eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables 3. Wearing sunscreen (EASY! It's in my makeup!!) 4. Avoiding sugars 5. Eating whole grain breads and baked goods and numerous other things. Avoiding the sugar is SUPER hard right now because there is a BIG bowl of Reese's, Almond Joys, Hershey's, and Kit Kats in front of me that is left over from the ZERO trick-or-treaters we had last night. Uff da!

Lunch today knocked my socks off. I used some of the turkey to make some AMAZING sandwiches with swiss cheese, lettuce, and honey mustard on Arnold's WW Sandwich Thins and then we had salads and strawberries. I also tacked on a few almonds because they were sitting in a paper towel on my side table from yesterday. :-)

I'm excited about this challenge. It's just what I need right now. :-)

It's raining AGAIN, so C25k W5D3 will wait until tomorrow... Poo. Haha.

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