Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Notice Increased Activity?

That's probably because I get 5 points every day that I blog about the HFNHC and I am in it to win it, baby!

Today was a full and crazy day. I got out more Christmas stuff and ended up wrapping all the presents. Our tree looks great now. I guess I should post a photo of it sometime! I got the stockings on their holders (which look AWESOME) and made a big mess. After spending all day watching Bones and wrapping gifts, I went to church (where I actually made GOOD choices and stuck to Clean Eating as much as possible at dinner). Working with the Upper School youth is chaotic but fun. Tonight, we made signs for their tailgate at the Godwin/Deep Run game. Neither school have I ever been to, but I ended up making the BIG sign for Godwin, but it's okay because my good friend from college did go there, so I made it for him. :-)

After church, DH and I hit up the gym for a little C25k action. W6D1: OVER. It's getting tougher, and it's a WHOLE different world when you're on a treadmill. I really really really prefer the open road. It's easier for me to focus on other things because there are a million more distractions (such as psycho dog that runs at us every time we pass his house. Yes he does have an electric fence). The treadmill feels like death and my feet hit it so heavily and I hate it. Haha. I guess I've complained enough.

I really like doing this challenge because it makes me really think about the choices that I make throughout the day and I really think it will help me develop better habits in life, though I haven't made it without leftover Halloween candy since the 1st day. Haha.

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