Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh wagon, where art thou?

I fell off a little today. Dinner was Cici's. I wasn't too bad. I had like the equivalent of 2 normal slices of pizza, maybe 2.5, a salad, one cinnamon roll, and one brownie. Haha. My stomach is NOT happy though, I will tell you that much. Oh HFNHC, you are so good at making me feel so guilty. :-)

DH and I may go to Williamsburg for some Christmas shopping. I'm hoping to find an ornament for my Nestie Exchange, but I'm having trouble finding the right thing for her. :-/

11 more days till the family trip to Disney... Can't wait! We got our trading pins in the mail yesterday and we are going to have a BLAST!!! It'll be great to see everyone again, especially my precious niece. :-)

All for now. Though, I promise to post the new recipe (and pics) by the end of tomorrow!!!

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