Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I always forget how much I love Charlottesville. It's such a great town full of so many fun things. I believe it will always be my home and I doubt if I'll ever forget how to get around the city unless there are drastic changes.

Today is day 3 of the HFNHC (Health and Fitness Nestie Holiday Challenge). Because I went to Cville and ate at a FABULOUS restaurant called Orzo with my mother, I did not adhere to a few of the smaller point winners. Oh well, it was SO worth it. I think I still managed to rack up almost 100 points today. I really am having fun doing this so far. I like to see how much I can fit into one day because I REALLY want to WIN!!! The veggies and fruit still seem to be a struggle for me, but after these two months, I bet I'll get REALLY good at fitting those in! I am concerned about this weekend because we are going to the IL's and my MIL is a good cook, but of course all those good meals mean not many points in the challenge! Haha. I'll figure something out I'm sure. Well, it's off to bed. We got fewer than 5 hours of sleep last night because we stayed up late talking and then were up at 6 to vote in the election (just doing our civic duty). Go Bob McDonnell!

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