Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oops... again.

Well... I started off not so great and ended not so great...


B: Kashi with skim, juice
S: Almonds
L: Leftover Chicken Caesar Tetrazzini
S: Apple with PB
Post Exercise: Chocolate Milk
D: Veggie Pasta Bake


B: Some of the Kashi, but it was a gross kind... tasted like dog food... so a cookie instead. A "healthy" cookie... but a cookie none-the-less, and juice
S: Two slices WW toast with Country Crock
L: Leftover Chicken Caesar Tetrazzini
S: Milk Chocolate Godiva bar
Post Exercise: Chocolate Milk
D: McDonald's Double Hamburger, Small Fries, and Cookie.

The italicized things being my bad choices. Haha.

We took our taxes into Jackson Hewlitt and ran out of time for dinner before Craig's church rehearsal, so... McDonald's. And they messed up my "NO Cheese Double Cheeseburger" by putting cheese on it, so I had to go back and they gave me free cookies. So I ate one. But not all three. Sigh. I'm hopeless.

My 5 mile run went very well. I am very happy with my time and effort and I feel pretty good about Saturday because of it. I was right about feeling more confident about Saturday if I ran today. I actually felt a little sad about having to take a break from the running after the race while I was showering. Haha.

I'm watching Grey's reruns until DH gets home and we can watch LOST and Idol. :-) I may work out again to make myself feel better about the McDonald's. I usually get the apple slices instead of fries, but I wanted fries! I haven't ordered fries in years. :-)


  1. Have you tried the Kashi Go Lean Crunch in Honey Almond Flax? I LOVE that stuff!

    Good luck in your race!

  2. I like the GoLEAN Crunch, the Honey Sunshine, and the Heart to Heart, but this regular GoLEAN was gah-ross!