Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More from my best week ever!

SO... this week is definitely one of the greatest/most exciting weeks of my life!

Last Thursday, I got together with one of my friends from my church back where I grew up (she was my Maid of Honor). We played Putt Putt and ate Slurpies. So worth it.

Saturday was my amazing race... with my amazing time... and also I got to get together with one of my college roommates (she was one of my bridesmaids). We did a lot of walking around, looking at expensive things in the swanky shopping centers here in Richmond.

Sunday... we saw WICKED!!!!!!!!! It was AMAZING. I cried when the music started because I was so in awe and so happy about finally getting to make a dream of mine come true. I fought tears as each new song began for the first act because I was so overwhelmed. I had this same "problem" with The Lion King on Broadway. It's kinda funny. :-)

Monday I had a great subbing job at one of the International Baccalaureate Schools here in Richmond (it's basically a school for smart kids). DH had rehearsal at church form 7 til 10 p.m. so I was all alone for the evening. Super was not creative... just leftover veggie/pasta bake, a nice salad, and balsamic zucchini.

Today... I drove to Charlottesville and cleaned my mom's house for her. She's super stressed out and is leaving in a few days to head to Texas over her Spring Break to see my brother, SIL, and beautiful niece (I am SO JEALOUS). I know this will take a lot of stress away because she really wanted to get it cleaned before she left, but really didn't have time. She just started this awesome new health program through her school where she gets a gym membership and a dietician and all this stuff to consult with to live as healthily as possible. I'm really excited for her and want her to be able to focus on that instead of how dirty she might think her house is (it wasn't dirty). :-)

For dinner, I made Tosca Reno's Clean Eating Chinese Chicken and Rice. It was the second time that I made it and it was much better this time, but it just lacks a little flavour. I won't post the recipe until I have it perfected. :-) DH's at another church rehearsal... With Easter coming up on Sunday, there's a lot of music to get ready.

Tomorrow we have church, which is always a blast. I love my CREATE Crafts girls. :-) I forget what the dinner is, but the dinners at church are usually quite good. Last week was chili and they had White Chicken Chili, the actual appellation of the chili is Judy's $1000 Chili because it's the chili that won the Chili cookoff, earning $1000 by itself for the missions trips this summer. :-)

Thursday... we see... NORAH JONES!!!!! :-) Can't wait until this concert! It's going to be AMAZING!!!

I haven't worked out since the race... I need to though. I also ate three servings worth of dry Capt'n Crunch yesterday. Oops.

In other food news... I LITERALLY ate the BEST banana I've ever had today. It was from Tom Leonard's and I have to say that I'll never buy a banana from anywhere else. It was perfectly ripe for me (no more green, but no brown at all). I savoured every bite on my drive to Charlottesville as I flipped through the radio stations because my CD player is broken.

Hope you enjoyed my overview of the week. :-) Have a great night!

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