Friday, January 15, 2010

Running the Dreadmill

I've been going to the gym after subbing jobs I've had this week. I have several reasons that motivate me to do this. 1) It burns off steam after being in a classroom all day 2) I'm out already, I have my gym bag, I ought to go 3) The people who work there during the day are really nice and encouraging.

Tuesday I just did 2 miles and then Wednesday I ran 5k. I did it pretty slow and read a book while I ran, but I did it nonetheless. :-) I felt really great about myself. My energy was great, but my knee killed me afterwards and it still twinges a bit... I'm a little worried that I injured myself. I felt it beginning to hurt, but tried to ignore it and the slight stitch in my side because mentally I felt great and my energy was high. I'm going to hit the asphalt today because it's in the 50's and I'm so happy to have some warmer weather. I'll update the situation when I get back. :-)

ETA: Ran 1 mile in 10.05. Remind me not to run when all I've had to drink is a tiny glass of cranberry/pom juice. It feels awful. Knee held up okay once I got into it.

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