Saturday, January 30, 2010

101 in 1001 Update!!

As of today, I have completed the following:

13. Buy running tights. After many, many frustrating hours of shopping for tights, I FINALLY found a pair at Target that I hope will please me. :-)

29. Buy a garlic press.

I don't know HOW I lived without one! SO convenient! In the background is smoked turkey kielbasa for Clean Eating Spaghetti Carbonara. :-)

44. Learn how to knit. No picture available of this as I left my 6 inches of knitting at my mother's house. :-)

62. Find a job. I am not employed with our county schools as a substitute teacher! It's going very well and pays extremely well!

71. Buy black boots.

I pretty much wear these every. Single. Day. Love. Love. Love.

81. Finish Reba on DVD.
79. Finish Arrested Development on DVD.

We had a snow day in today, so we marathoned on our remaning episodes of Reba and Arrested Development!

99. Go to an opera.
We went to see Figaro's Wedding (a "spin-off" of The Marriage of Figaro) at Liberty. FIL directs the opera workshop every year there.

Doin' pretty well on some of these tasks! :-) Anyone else snowed in today? We love our snow days. They are a great excuse to just sit in and not accomplish much. I did manage to throw a dinner together with little to no groceries. I forgot to pick up cream cheese for the enchilada lasagna, so I have all those things ready minus the cheese... You know... the most important part. Haha.

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