Saturday, January 15, 2011

So I ran 7 miles...

and it was awesome.

Actually, I ran 7.15 miles, which is awesomer.

The first few miles were a bit of a mental battle because I was just scared of trying to get over the six mile mountain (since a 10k is the farthest I've ever run). Once I turned around, I started feeling more mentally stable and when I had about a mile and half left to go, I knew I was going to do it and I DID! I ran it in about an hour and sixteen minutes, which is a great pace for me for such a long run.

I ran four and half today at a 10.03 pace. I can't believe how fast I was! Tomorrow, I am making the hubs leave me at church so I have to run home. It's only three and a half miles, so I can do that easily. :-)

I've settled into my new job pretty well now that I have new tires on my car. ;-) I've been planning away for when I get my kids on the 24th.

I promise I have a recipe coming. It's called Moroccan Braised Beef and it is tasty! I should also have a new chicken chili recipe sometime soon, too. I am making that in the Crock Pot tomorrow for dinner. :-)

Have a good long weekend everybody!


  1. Awesomeeee job on your run! It's sooo fun to see how your can push your body!

  2. Thanks! :-) Going for 8 tomorrow!