Friday, October 30, 2009


Today, I made two new dishes. :-) Pad Thai Clean Eating Style and Maple Ginger Turkey Breast. :-) Both turned out extremely well, though on the latter, there was hardly any trace of the marinade itself in the meat... Oh well. Still juicy and good!

I accidentally put in 2x the noodles... Oh well, it was super!!!!!

Not the prettiest photo... Oh well... It's proof that I actually made a Turkey.

DH just said as he saw me put up the photos, "You spoiled me today!" because I brought him the Pad Thai for lunch at the library while he studied for his actuarial exam and made the turkey for a late dinner. :-) I loved hearing that!! He even did the dishes (unloaded and reloaded) for me, which made my night even better. We'll be a little sinful later have some of Grandma Jan's famous Chocolate Herman bread, but all in all, I was very pleased with my eating today. :-)

OH and I was wrong about C25k! I do have planned walking breaks for W6D1 and W6D2... Thank you Lord!!! I am very nervous about tomorrow, but since I have been able to accomplish the days pretty well so far, I guess I am ready! If only all the hills would disappear before tomorrow morning!!

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